FAQ about Osteopathy Treatment

What does osteopathic treatment involve?

Osteopaths work with their hands, and treatment often consists of soft tissue massage, gentle passive mobilisation techniques and gentle specific joint articulation. Sometimes other techniques such as cranial osteopathy, and very delicate functional techniques may also be used to further assist your body to recover, or to release stresses that are stored in your muscles.

Will I need to undress?

It is common that you may be asked to remove some items of clothing during treatment. This is so that the osteopath can observe any changes to your spine and posture that may have taken place, in order to help with an accurate diagnosis and therefore to provide the best treatment for your specific problem. Your relief from symptoms and successful recovery is of paramount importance.

However, If you are unhappy about removing any items of clothing, this is not a significant problem and should not be an obstacle to treatment. Please discuss any areas of concern in this matter with your osteopath, who will be sensitive and respectful of your needs, and together you will be able to work treatments around your needs.

Please note that items of clothing commonly removed include jackets, jumpers, t-shirts and (occasionally), trousers.

You will never be asked to remove any underwear.

Please note that you are entitled to bring a friend or relative to act as your chaperone at any time, please mention this to the osteopath when booking a consultation.

How many treatments will I need?

This depends on your unique problem and its severity, as well as your overall state of health. More acute and painful problems generally require more frequent treatments initially. Generally, treatments are once weekly until the pain is reduced. As your problem improves treatments will normally be spaced out more widely. Each person responds to treatment in their own unique way and some bodies seem to heal faster than others. Lifestyle and general health can play a key role in recovery times, but unfortunately there is no finite time-frame in which a specific problem will heal in. The aim is always to get you back to health as quickly as possible.

Are there side effects with treatment?

Side effects from treatment are rare. Some patients bodies are more sensitive than others and may feel sore or stiff for a couple of days post treatment. Generally this subsides quickly and patients feel a noticeable improvement in symptoms. Osteopathy is a very safe and effective form of treatment and most patients feel subsequently better for it.

However, If you are not comfortable with a specific treatment technique because of how you feel it affects your body, this is not a problem. Please communicate how you feel to your osteopath who will alter the treatment to suit your needs.

Will I need a regular check up?

This is dependent on age, occupation and lifestyle factors and not always necessary. However, some patients prefer to have a single treatment roughly every month after their original problem has gone. This is to ensure that they continue to be pain-free. If your original problem was caused by age-related factors, occupational strains or hobbies etc, then occasional maintenance treatment can be very helpful in preventing an old problem from re-occurring, especially if your current daily activities were a cause of the original problem.

Can I claim on my medical insurance?

The majority of medical insurance companies now cover osteopathy.

It is best to check with your insurers first, as individual policies may have exemptions.

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