Osteopathy, relief of back and neck problems
Providing Osteopathy for both the South Lakes and The Bay areas from our practises in Kendal and Carnforth, Lancashire.

We offer expert, professional Osteopathic treatment and care at one of the South Lakes' premiere Osteopathic practices - with an excellent reputation for patient satisfaction and recovery.

ED SNOAD BSc (Hons) Ost D.O
Principal Registered Osteopath

Specializing in the treatment of:

Muscle, Ligament & Joint Pain
Back and Neck problems
Shoulder Problems
Arthritic Pain
Foot, Leg, Hip & Arm Pain
Sports related Injuries
Pelvic Pain

Every working day in the UK, about 30,000 people will consult an osteopath for musculo-skeletal related problems, and over 7 million consultations are carried out nationwide every year. Osteopathy has been recognised by the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), among other physical disciplines, and recommended for treatment of low back pain and related problems - based on clinical evidence.

Osteopaths are highly trained health professionals who are skilled in the diagnosis of physical problems, and where a diagnosis indicates a more serious problem, the osteopath may refer the patient for further investigation.

This website aims to provide more information and reassurence to those suffering from musculo-skeletal pain and problems, answer common questions you may have about osteopathy, and enable you to begin the process of recovery through osteopathic treatment.

Appointments available in:
South Lakes Osteopathy,
Pixel Mill,
44 Appleby Road,
Cumbria, LA9 6ES

Telephone: 07899 657058
South Lakes Osteopathy,
Crag Bank,
Lancs, LA5 9UL

Telephone: 07899 657058
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Covering the following towns and surrounding areas: Ambleside, Windermere, Staveley & Kendal from our osteopathic practice in Kendal - and Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham & Carnforth from the Carnforth osteopathic practice. Please specify your location when booking an appointment.